An Illinois man accused of stabbing his friend’s roommate in a Boulder apartment last weekend told police the stabbing occurred accidentally as the three men were acting out a scene from “Robin Hood: Men in Tights.”

See, thats all I needed to say to blow this news story off the chain…Apparently these two guys were ten beers deep into their romp when one dude jumped on the other dude’s back and he had an open knife in his back pocket…Stabbing his bud in the abdomen and groin. Cops said Leo Beitz, 20, of Rolling Meadows, Ill., simply grabbed a knife and stabbed 21-year-old Parker Chase Rolles. The issue is, that neither’s story isn’t matching the others. We here at NerdBastards don’t care so much about the police side of the story, we care about MEN IN TIGHTS!!!! I want to know what scene they were reinacting and if they were or were not…In costume?

 (Thanks to correspondent, Liz, for the Scoop)

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