Ms. Lawrence seems to be Hollywood’s hottest actress right now and the film that will be her star-making role hasn’t even released yet! While The Hunger Games won’t release until next week, March 24th, plans for a sequel are already being set in motion with filming to begin this summer. X-Men: First Class, in which Jennifer Lawrence portrayed Mystique, also has sequel plans and they’re hoping to begin filming this fall. The problem? Shooting for The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, will likely continue into the fall conflicting with the start of filming for First Class‘ sequel. What is Hollywood’s hottest actress to do!?

Chances are it won’t be her decision, it’ll be the studios and Fox and Lionsgate are already preparing for war. Insiders, whoever the hell they are, have said the studios, “are poised to face-off over the 21- year-old’s schedule as they move ahead with sequels in their respective franchises.” It’s also been noted that Fox’s option, for whatever reason, will trump Lionsgate. Meaning, when they want their Mystique they get their Mystique, whether she’s done being Katniss or not.

The Catching Fire film already has a planned release date of November 2013 while First Class‘ sequel’s schedule is more up in the air. We’ve already heard First Class‘ sequel will focus heavily on Magneto, but with Lawrence’s stardom poised to explode I wouldn’t be surprised if Mystique’s role was increased as well. Especially with the hints of a Magneto/Mystique relationship dropped heavily throughout First Class and the previous X-Men films.

A rep for Lawrence said, “[Both studios]are trying to make accommodations,” but if they can’t strike a deal shit’s gonna get messy.

If it comes down to it, which role would you rather see Lawrence reprise, Katniss or Mystique? I want her to do both, dammit! And I DEMAND a resolution be made or I won’t see either of your stupid movies. You hear me Fox and Lionsgate!?! Get your shit together and let us have Lawrence as both Katniss and Mystique. You’ll both benefit in the long run, believe me.

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