It’s been a few months now since Disney made the irrational, irresponsible, illogical, unintelligent, and emphatically BAD decision to give James Gunn the boot from directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, despite continuing to use his script. Many fans have discussed the other projects that Gunn could possibly direct – more than a few suggested he go to WB/DC. Now there are whispers that Gunn may be doing just that… Which movie could Gunn be directing? Which movie would you like to see him direct?

No one wants Gunn to try and re-create The Guardians for the DCEU, but to bring some that style, humor, heart, and weirdness to the DCEU would inject a bit of fun that the universe desperately needs. Not all comic book movies have to be bright and happy, but it would be nice if more of them looked more like what has made the source material so great.

Suicide Squad may just be the franchise that Gunn could turn into an amazing hit. The first movie was met with mixed reception, though there’s a lot of potential left in the property. With Margot Robbie pushing along the Birds of Prey movie, there’s bound to be a sequel to Suicide Squad sooner or later. Gunn’s weirdness, his ability to take folks who, while they may not be 100% dicks, are generally a-holes and bring some heart to them could be exactly what Suicide Squad needs to reach that potential.

But what other DC properties could Gunn really make shine?

2011’s Green Lantern was a critical and commercial bomb. It’s now the butt of jokes. And that’s not fair to the property. WB/DC desperately needs to reboot the franchise. Now, the one thing they got right the first time is not to take it too seriously. Green Lantern needs the humor to make it work, it needs to recognize that the concept is insane, and embrace that. That’s right up Gunn’s alley. Hal Jordan, or better yet John Stewart, could use the respectability a strong movie could bring back to the Green Lantern name.

Shazam! seems to embrace that childlike weirdness that Gunn enhances so well. Swap cosmic for magic, bring in the rest of the Marvel Family and I think James Gunn could take Shazam! to new heights. It doesn’t take the wisdom of Solomon to see that the two fit together so well.

Metal Men is another project full of weird that needs a lot of heart and emotion to make work. Mercury could be another tortured soul that Gunn could relate to, much like Rocket Raccoon, while Gunn could express doubts through Tin (voice and motion-capture by Sean Gunn, of course) while building his confidence throughout the story. And what’s a Gunn movie without Michael Rooker? Rooker could voice Lead with Gunn’s other long-time friend Nathan Fillion voicing Gold. Molly Quinn coming in to do mo-cap and voice for Platinum… See? The movie practically makes itself! Gunn could steal Dave Bautista for the voice and mo-cap for Iron. (Okay, no, seriously, WB, DC, James Gunn, please do this.)

Martain Manhunter may have the small screen right now, but there are too much history and potential for the last Martian not to at least consider a big screen adaptation. Set it before the fall of Mars, or set it during his first days on Earth as he’s learning who we are and how to function among us, as J’onn J’onzz becomes a private investigator. The mundane turns wacky as the truly alien immigrant fights his first big bad, taking his superhero-ing form from the bits of Superman he’d gotten to see.

Another cosmically strange DC property that would lend well to Gunn’s style is Adam Strange. The far-flung adventurer falling in love, becoming the hero he may never have had he stayed on Earth… There’s plenty of potential for wonky aliens, cool space battles, humor and heart with Adam Strange. What better way to introduce him to the world than through the eyes of James Gunn?

Is there a DC property you’d like to see James Gunn tackle? Do you think Suicide Squad 2 is a good fit for him? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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