Moffat, you sneaky bastard.

Steven Moffat on Twitter is not unlike how he is as a showrunner and writer. He likes to hint and drop clues, mislead his fans and generally drive us made with unanswered questions. Moffat’s a tricky man who revels in sending his fans on wild goose chases.

Things were no different last week when he tweeted this,

If you’ll recall Sophia Myles played Madame de Pompadour in the Doctor Who episode, “The Girl in the Fireplace.” A Moffat-penned episode which easily became a fan favorite with its blend of humor and heartbreak.

In response, Myles tweeted, “Watch this (fire)place,” and “The plot thickens…”

Hmm…it does indeed.

Now, such reputable news sources as the Daily Star are reporting Myles is likely to be the Doctor’s next companion. And I’ll say I think she has a good chance. It wouldn’t be the first time an actress has returned to Who as a companion. Obviously Catherine Tate played Donna in a Christmas episode before she joined the Doctor as a full-fledged companion. Both Freema Agyemen and Karen Gillan originally played  minor characters before returning to join the Doctor in the TARDIS as Martha and Amy.

Will Madame de Pompadour return? Doubt it. But could we see Myles in the TARDIS sometime next season? I think so, even if it’s only for an episode or two. The TARDIS will be a lonely place once the Ponds leave. Sniff.

What do you think of Myles possibly being the next companion? Her chemistry with David Tennant was palpable (Due, in part, to their off-screen chemistry), could she form the same rapport with Matt Smith?

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