Jean-Claude Van Damme‘s Timecop is getting a reboot. I’ll just let that sink in for a minute………………… HOLY CRAP, TIMECOP IS GETTING A REBOOT!!!

Word around the Internet today is that the cousins Gunn, Mark and Brian Gunn, have been assigned the task of rebooting Timecop with a new:

more gritty and grounded police story [than the original] with the sci-fi in the background, though it will still have the main character on a personal journey.

More serious Looper and less Time Tunnel/Commando comedy style. The Gunn’s wrote Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, and the cheer leading comedy Bring it on Again. They’ve got a lot on their plate at the moment, working on scripts for Journey 3, another MacGyver movie, and that The Monster Squad remake.

I have a couple of thoughts about Timecop I’d like the Gunn Cousins to consider including in their Timecop script:


Now, I don’t expect the whole movie to be about Blart, but a cameo would hysterical. Even if it’s just some line about the greatest Timecop ever known, Paul Blart.

The other thing Timecop must have:


There’s got to be some splits. Even if it’s not Jean-Claude doing them, someone has to use the splits to get out of some sticky situation or fight. It’s in the Timecop manual for Pete’s sake.

I almost forgot that Pompadour hair cut. Somebody in the movie has to have a beautiful head of high hair.


Just look at that magnificent head of hair. It’s glorious! Transcendent!

I’m willing to bet good money that Jean-Caude Van Damme will be available for a cameo, the Gunn’s should write him in a screen appearance as the older, wiser, Timecop who points our new hero in the right direction.

He could also play the screaming Timecop Lieutenant that threatens to take our hero’s badge and gun, all the while performing splits across his desk. He’ll need to say, “I’m too old for this shit.” At least once during the movie.

What do you think? Can a Timecop reboot recapture that 90’s magic?

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