Brace yourself… the Star Wars The Force Awakens Cross Marketing has begun. Does anyone want to predict which product, service, or company will have the craziest Star Wars The Force Awakens marketing? I can almost hear Yogurt’s voice echoing in the background, “Moichandising! Moichandising!” Verizon has dipped their telecommunications toes into the Star Wars water more than once and this latest one takes on the evil that is Data Throttling with the help of BB-8 and Chewbacca.

Here’s the commercial:

As far as cross marketing goes, this one is pretty damn cool. It uses the characters in a way that stays true to their on-screen selves. The Empire is the Evil Data Throttler while BB-8 is the tech savvy friend Chewbacca calls on to help him with his internet issues. This kind of cross marketing I can understand, at least it’s not this:


Seriously… Coffee-Mate? That just screams Star Wars to me. Couldn’t they have just made a commercial with Princess Leia stuck in a long meeting and C3-PO comes by to bring her coffee and adds the “Blue Milk Coffee-Mate”?

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