Forget anything from Marvel Studios, the real excitement at the first of D23 concerning superheroes was all about The Incredibles, or rather The Incredibles 2. Writer/director Brad Bird took to the stage to introduce the cast, and give fans an idea of what to expect from this long, long, long awaited sequel to the popular Pixar hit film. 

Along with Bird, D23 welcomed back original cast members Craig T. Nelson (Bob/Mr. Incredible), Holly Hunter (Helen/Elastigirl), Sarah Vowell (Violet), and Samuel L. Jackson (Frozone), as well as young actor Huck Milner who is the new voice of Dash. Why a new voice for Dash? Because Spencer Fox is now 13 years older, and Dash, and the rest of the Incredibles, will not be when you see them in the sequel.

Bird said that the sequel will take place only a short time after the end of the original film. The focus of the story, of which not many details were given, is on Helen who will have to balance being a working mom and a superheroine, while Bob, in this outing, settles down as a stay-at-home dad. The family will remain unaware that Jack-Jack has powers, at least in the short term (see below), and we will meet other superheroes throughout the course of the film.

/Film described the work in progress clip shown to convention goers:

The scene finds Bob asleep in their house, but baby Jack Jack notices something outside: a raccoon. Jack Jack accidentally teleports through the wall and the raccoon runs at him, forcing Jack to use his powers. His body is engulfed in flame, Human Torch-style, and he fires lasers from his eyes. First, the raccoon is terrified and tries hiding, but it soon seizes its opportunity and leaps on Jack Jack…whose skin expands like elastic. Bob wakes up and rushes outside to save his son, but the baby multiplies himself into several forms, finally scaring the raccoon away. Bob speaks: “Oh, my. You have powers!”

For something more complete, and for something you can watch at home, check out this retrospective of the life of Edna Mode, costumer to all the world’s mightiest heroes:

The Incredibles 2 will be in theatres everywhere on June 15, 2018.

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