The rumormill is active today, though this time we’re getting news on something other than what the new Batsuit will look like or whether so-and-so has been cast in the upcoming Star Wars film. According to the folks over at Latino Review, the once-famous Wachowski siblings are trying to grab up some of their old glory by returning to the world of The Matrix.

Of course, it’s all speculation thus far, so we’ll likely have to wait a couple of weeks or months before we hear anything about it. And chances are we’ll be hit with a wave of denials, but if LR is to be believed, the Wachowskis have started in on writing some new scripts. Whether they plan on directing or not is still an unknown, but I’m guessing they won’t want to pass up the opportunity to restore a little credit to their names.

The only question (aside from “Is this for real?”) is whether they could, given the abysmal decline of the first trilogy, bring something to the table that we would want to watch. There are plenty of stories to be told in the Matrix universe, but considering how bad the Wachowskis Lucased the franchise after the first installment, it might not even be worth the price of admission, no matter how much you loved The Matrix.

What say thee Nerd Readers? Is this something you could get behind? Or are you still too traumatized from the third Matrix flick to risk exposing your brain to what could be yet another floundering attempt to keep the franchise going?


Thanks to Latino Review for helping us spread the rumor.

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