In this week’s Nerdist Podcast, Chris Hardwick and the gang interview Damon Lindelhof, of Lost and Star Trek writing/producing fame. It’s a great podcast, as always, but Lindelhof gives some interesting bits about his writing process and how it is to work behind closed doors with the super-secretive, J.J. Abrams. If you’re hoping for some Star Trek 2 spoilers to slip, sorry, none of that here. But, Lindelhof does make a good argument for why some details are best kept secret. The fine folks over at TrekMovie collected some of the best snippets to share. Here’s Lindelhof on collaborating with Abrams, Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman,

I function best in collaboration so I have sought out writing partners….On Trek 1, I produced it, but was obviously very involved in the story process with JJ [Abrams], Bob [Orci], and Alex [Kurtzman], so that was great. For Trek 2 I am actually writing, but again it functions a lot more like a TV show. We are all sitting in a room together throwing ideas around and seeing what sticks…I do not like sitting by myself staring at the blank page.

“Functions a lot more like a TV show,” oh, how I wish Star Trek could be a television show again. I crave some weekly Star Trek. At least until Netlflix get’s their act together and starts offering it streaming.

Lindelhoff also chatted about keeping his mouth shut,

It’s tough. JJ is really good at secrecy and really good at playing the game because ultimately people want to know but they don’t want to have stuff spoiled for them. … We are working on Trek 2 now and there is such an expectation that it is top secret, because everything we do is top secret. And with that expectation comes this idea that “they are going to do something that is totally mind-blowing that is going to friggin’ fry our brains!” Because we are keeping it such a secret. As opposed to the fact that we are just keeping it a secret because we don’t want the audience to know too much going in. The fact that people went to go to see Trek and they didn’t know we were going to blow up Vulcan. They might have known that time travel was involved and they knew that Nimoy was in the movie, but they didn’t understand how it all worked so when you get to that point in the movie it’s cool because you get to emotionally experience it without being primed for it. It requires a tremendous amount of – there are only so many people you can include in your circle of trust.

See what I mean about a good point on why not all spoilers are good? I was crushed when Vulcan imploded, literally crushed. It never would have had that emotional impact had I read about it months before on the webz. And I’m a girl who can’t say no to a spoiler, believe me. Sometimes though, it’s really nice to be surprised.

Definitely give this week’s Nerdist Podcast a listen. In fact, you should listen weekly, it’s hilariously good nerdy fun. In this episode Hardwick recounts seeing Star Trek with his good friend, Wil Wheaton and Lindelhof also talks about “nerding out” when he first met George Lucas.

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