Over the weekend and WonderCon, /Film had a random and unplanned chance to sit down with Damon Lindelof, who stars as that giant head is one of the screen writers for Ridely Scott‘s upcoming Prometheus. Capitalizing on this rare chance they jumped at the chance to ask that buring question. Is the movie connected to Scott’s previous sci-fi movie, Alien.

um. We kinda know it is, don’t we? I mean, it’s pretty freakin obvious. Weyland Industries, the spaceship that crashes, the damn facehugger in the trailer. I don’t mean to sound facetious here (yes I do). For a rushed 5 minutes, it is really a great interview that packs in a lot of info and is well worth watching. My snark is mainly based on envy, since while they were at WonderCon getting a few secrets about Prometheus (as well as an update on Star Trek 2 and even a little bit about Lost,) I was in my underwear watching NetFlix and wondering where I could score a taco without the hassle of pants.

Don’t act like you’re not impressed..

Check out the interview after the jump.

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