When Daniel Craig was announced as the new James Bond in 2005 he was mostly known for his ensemble work in films like Layer Cake, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and Munich. He wasn’t the most obvious leading man material, and some people said he was too “rugged” to play the dashing 007, which was really a nice way of saying that he was “too ugly” to be Bond. A couple of shirtless scenes in Casino Royale changed that a bit, but Craig’s total refreshing portrayal of a more gritty Bond won him praise and made his era as the super-spy one of the most successful in franchise history. Still, it seems when Craig is done with Bond, he’s really done.

How done? $99 million done. According to the Daily Mail, MGM offered Craig £68 million (which is presently about $99 million USD) to return for two more Bond movies, and that pay day doesn’t including reportedly healthy slices of the endorsement and profit sharing pie, as well as a title bump as a producer, that Craig was also reportedly offered. In all, some sources put the total price tag of the deal closer to $175 million USD, enough for Craig to make his own Bond movie, but still the actor is said to have turned them down. Another nail in the coffin for Craig’s time living in Bond’s tux.

This news comes as U.K. odds makers are saying that an announcement that Tom Hiddleston is taking over for Craig starting with Bond 25 is imminent, and will be made in a “matter of days.” In reports posted earlier this week, bookies stopped taking bets on Hiddleston’s when his odds of being named the new Bond started to become more and more of a sure thing. Hiddleston has supplanted actors like Damian Lewis, Idris Elba, and Henry Cavill to become the odds on favorite in being named the seventh official Bond in the 53-year-old movie series.

We’ll keep you posted on an announcement when an announcement is made.

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