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In yet another move to dominate the super hero television market, DC is creating a series based on the adventures of James Gordon back when he was a younger and more virile cop. Titled Gotham, the show is just getting started and one of the first steps is to find a director that can make the pilot interesting enough that people will tune in to watch. Well, it looks like they’ve found their director in the form of one Danny Cannon.

Cannon has done plenty of television work, taking his directorial talents to many series and working in a capacity as producer as well. He’s one of the producers behind all of the CSI shows, which means he has some degree of experience with procedural dramas, which Gotham most certainly will be. Some, however, may take note that he’s also the guy that directed the 1995 adaptation of Judge Dredd – yeah, that Stallone-starring piece of rubbish. Hopefully, the last 19 years have improved his skills.

No other word on what we can expect from the show, aside from it being Batman-less. A very young Bruce Wayne is said to be making an appearance, though I doubt at ten-years-old he’ll be much help to Gordon. And now we get to wait for the casting! Me, I’m hoping we see a healthy dose of Batman villains in the show, not the super ones so much as the conniving, political and criminal underworld ones.

Throw this show on top of the ever-improving Arrow and the upcoming Flash series and DC looks poised to smack Marvel around, at least where it comes to the small screen.


Thanks to screenrant for the heads-up.

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