Television has seen its fair share of sci-fi and horror-centric shows recently – zombies and aliens and Ultramegachickens, oh my! – but cable TV will get a bit spookier soon, when Dark Horse Comics’ “Harrow County” creeps into the SyFy lineup. The network is developing a drama based on the comic by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook.

A fairly hard-core horror story with a southern gothic tinge and dirt under its nails, the comic tells the story of Emmy, an eighteen-year-old farm girl born on the same day as the townsfolk killed the local witch. As the witch’s reincarnation, Emmy must face her own power and the people who wish to do her harm since they suspect they still need to finish the job. In a world filled with unsettled ghosts, ghouls, and ancient monsters, Emmy’s greatest enemies may be the people she’s held dear all her young life.

Becky Kirsch will write the SyFy adaptation. Kirsch worked on SyFy’s Dominion and Twelve Monkeys, as well as NBC’s Dracula and TNT’s Leverage, so she has an excellent grasp of the weird and scary. Kirsch tweeted that she was honored to play in the extraordinary world created by Bunn and Crook, and she fell madly in love with the comic by page one.

The original comic’s stark, visceral art and campfire-worthy storytelling will be a challenge to bring to the screen, but if Kirsch and SyFy succeeds, Harrow County might well be your new favorite place for thrills, chills, and things that murder in the night.

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