Whats a Sith apprentice to do when some blue guy pushes him around and takes his light saber? Get another sabre and get some rage fueled justice after school. Ok, it’s really not an afterschool special. It’s more the story of:

“To wreak vengeance, the apprentice Jedi Maul passes the dark side. He then confronts his master, the Sith Vowrawn and obtained by force it’s legendary lightsaber.”

I had an interesting thought after watching this though. Have you ever noticed that in Star Wars there is a direct corelation to a character’s level of “Bas-Assery” to the amount of hair, or more correctly lack there of.

Star Wars Characters that I would consider a Bad-Ass:

Darth Vadar – no hair under that mask, Bad Ass.

Yoda – few whispy strands, Bad Ass.

Mace Windu – Bald and Bad Ass.

Darth Maul – Bald, Horned – Bad Ass.

Now I’m sure there will be many of you fellow NerdBastards that will cry out:

“What about __________!?!?!”  

“You left out ________, Full head of hair there!?!?!?!”

To those NerdBastards I say, “Put down your torches and pitchforks, it’s a SLIDING SCALE. Your favorite character is still a Bad Ass . . . just not as Bad Ass as these guys.” 

NerdBastards high five to Dante & GeeCee and their fantastic effort in putting this together. Well done.



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