Do you remember a while back all the commotion David Yates caused when he said he was planning to bring Doctor Who to the big screen? We all whigged at the thought of a Doctor Who movie not connected to our beloved television show and even worse, wouldn’t have the involvement of current Who showrunner, Steven Moffat. Well, Yates is back with more comments on the matter because apparently Michael Bay isn’t the only one who likes upsetting the collective nerd demographic.

Bleeding Cool caught up with Yates and we’re able to get a few important points from him about the status of his Doctor Who movie,

  • He’s still developing a Dr Who movie no matter what Steven Moffat said last weekend at the Dr Who convention;
  • It’s still five or six years away, however;
  • At this stage Yates thinks it’s a real possibility that the film will tie in with the TV series, though it’s too early for any kind of confirmation;
  • Yates said he’s looking forward to sitting down with Steven Moffat – who he refers to as a ‘genius’ – and discussing his plans.

[BC also promises quotes very soon and we’ll update as soon as they’re available.]

We agree on something, Yates, Moffat is a genius but I’m not sure how likely it is you two will be sitting down for tea anytime soon. Apparently Moffat again denied a Doctor Who movie at last weekend’s Doctor Who convention in Cardiff, but then why is Yates still talking about it? Is Yates really such a fool he doesn’t know when to stop or does he know something Moffat doesn’t? I think the Beebs need to get their facts straight so Yates and Moffat can be on the same page.

If a Doctor Who movie is on the horizon what concepts do you think they should explore? Should it tie into the TV show? Should they use the show’s current Doctor or cast a new one?

Source: Bleeding Cool

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