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One again the Big Apple was invaded by the nerd hordes for New York Comic Con, the East Coast’s premier comic book and pop culture convention with a size that nearly rivals the grand con daddy, SDCC. Duty bound Bastards that we are, we sent our dynamic duo of Jason Tabrys and Shelly V. into the forest of sniffles, cosplay, news, and info to discover the very best of the con. In this first of two EXTRA BIG ASSED articles, we’re goona look at day one from the show. We’re talking bonkers cosplay, toys that will make you drool, and all the cool sights from the show floor at the Jacob Javitz Center.

Tomorrow, we’ll have even more cosplay, toys, and sights, and over the next few days look for the rest of our NYCC coverage, which will include exclusive interviews with some of comicdoms biggest creators. But right now, feast your eyes on all of the Con goodness.


We’re not goona mess around. We know your number one reason for clicking on this article — you want to see the cosplay brilliance that was unleashed at the con, and this year did not disappoint. There’s just some kind of magic that shines off of someone who has spent hours or days finely crafting a costume that embraces the spirit of their favorite characters. I’m a huge fan of these mostly faithful re-creations, but there is also something to be said for those who think outside the box and those who make us pause a moment to identify who they’re representing at the con.

We’ll have much more cosplay tomorrow, but check out this gallery for some awesome shots, particularly Inspector Gadget, who we first spied walking the streets of Manhattan toward the Con.


The Show Floor

To really make a comic convention feel like more than a the world’s greatest shopping mall, companies spend loads of dollars tricking out the show floor and their individual booths with some wild creations, huge set pieces, and other displays that draw the eye and pull con-goers toward them like a tractor beam. This is some of the best from day one. Some of the highlights include some crazy steampunk haberdashery and our own Jason Tabrys hanging out with a movie star/Bad Milo butt demon.

The Toys

From prototypes to con exclusives and some of the coolest collectible toys on the market, the toy industry invaded NYCC and we got some cool pics for some must have items. Correction, we got a TON of pictures from the toy booths at the con. Personal favorites include the ton of Masters of the Universe classics, some tremendously detailed statues that poor folk like me can only dream about (check out that Judge Dredd skeleton statue!), and more. Also, we saw a Diamond made Sin City line (no pics allowed) that really brought Marv and them off the screen and the Axe Cop line is going to be everything fans have been hoping for.

Welp, that’s all there is from Day One of New York Comic Con, be sure to check out NerdBastards for the rest of our journey through the floor of NYCC tomorrow as we showcase more cosplay, toys, and more!

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