The new Justice League trailer was the big news from this afternoon’s Warner Bros./DC Entertainment panel at San Diego Comic Con, but it wasn’t the only news. 

The most surprising bit of news, via /Film, was likely the announcement that the Flash movie is actually the Flash Point movie. Based on the 2011 comic book storyline Flashpoint, the movie will see (presumably) Barry Allen’s attempt to go back in time and stop his mother from being murdered by the Reverse Flash, a tragedy that helped inspire him to become the crimefighting Scarlet Speedster. As a consequence of his intervention, the Flash changes reality in strange and different ways, like Thomas Wayne becoming Batman after his son is murdered, and the Amazons and Atlanteans being on the brink of war.

Speaking of Amazons, via, a sequel to Wonder Woman was announced, though aside from Gal Gadot returning to play the warrior princess, there were no firm details revealed about what the sequel might entail in terms of story, setting or time period. Patty Jenkins is presently being courted to return and direct the sequel film.

But that’s the more long-term future of the DC Extended Universe. In the more immediate term, we’ve got Aquaman to look forward to next Christmas, and Jason Mamoa was on-hand to introduce a message from director James Wan (who’s presently busy at work on the film), who described Aquaman as an origin story that will offer “fun adventure and romance on the big screen.” Collider had a description of the footage shown:

We open on a boat – a French fisherman thinks he’s caught a big fish. Of course, he didn’t. The boat is thrust forward, as whatever he’s caught forces the boat to follow. We then see what the fisherman hooked: a ship, part of an underwater militia. Heck, we even see people riding sharks. Clip ends on Aquaman looking forward at an unseen enemy: “I suppose you want to talk about this?” He then unsheathes his sword: “Neither do I.”

Aquaman will be in theatres everywhere on December 21, 2018. Mysteriously, no release date was given for either Flash Point (that’s the studios spelling, by the way), or Wonder Woman 2, so stay tuned…

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