If this actually happens, file it under “Smart Moves.” I’ve praised DC Entertainment in the past for their overwhelmingly stellar work in producing effective superhero TV. ‘Smallville’ was a success even thought it petered out near the end. They had a respectable run with ‘Superboy’ and ‘Lois and Clark’ definitely worked a niche market. The 90’s Flash was very cool but it was handled wrong because the hero never fought real supervillains until the Trickster showed up too late. But all things Superman, from way back during the George Reeves days, have stood the test of time. With the success of ‘Arrow’ and the lip-smacking anticipation of the new Flash series, a safe bet would be to capitalize on that ‘Super’ strength. That’s where ‘Supergirl’ comes in. Or, I should say, where Michael Green comes in.


Michael Green has good nerd credit. He was a producer on ‘Heroes’ and is still one on ‘Gotham.’ He was also a writer for the ‘Green Lantern’ movie bomb, as well as the aforementioned upcoming ‘The Flash’ series. He’s got his share of clout and if he were pitching a TV show to me, I’d be listening with Dumbo’s ears. So when Bleeding Cool reported that they were “reliably informed by a comics/Hollywood contact,” that DC was trying to sell a Supergirl show with Green attached, our big ears started flapping! Because if that’s the case, he’s the dude you want involved. Just forget about ‘Green Lantern’ for now.

For that matter, forget that he also produced the Kat Williams ‘It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin” video documentary…

I’ll tell you, write one damn episode of ‘Sex And The City’ and your career is made. He also writes for comics, his first publication being a Batman story called “Lovers And Madmen.” Sounds like a menage with Talia and Catwoman while Penguin and the Joker peeked in through the window. That’s how I would’ve written it anyway. Which is why nobody ever let me write for ‘Sex And The City.’ But they should’ve, because obviously I got this sex thing covered.

A Supergirl show would feed the need for more lady heroes on TV. Of course, Netflix is gearing up with ‘Jessica Jones’ as part of their pre-Defenders superhero block. But a good Supergirl effort would further solidify DC’s superiority on the small screen. With ‘Agent Carter’ in the wings, we’ll have to see how the DC/Marvel showdown progresses. No disrespect to Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., but let’s face it – that show sucked until the second half. And that successful run of Kryptonian TV characters I mentioned is a good omen for this project if they do it right. With Green on board, I see it moving straighter than a heat vision beam. That last line is an indication as to why nobody will let me write for their television show.

I loved her underused young character on the Justice League cartoon, and she was even cooler as an adult in Unlimited. Wonder which version they’ll use if this is picked up. I’m on board with and it’s not even a thing yet…

Message to Michael Green. Watch this totally embarrassing Supergirl fan film on how not to produce your series. Then, do the complete opposite of what you saw. SUCCESS!!!

Source – Bleeding Cool

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