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It looks like today brings us all a double-dose of the Superman vs. Batman rumormill. Early on you may have heard that Josh Holloway was on the ever-growing list of actors rumored to be taking roles in the new film. And now, it looks like there may be a reason that we’ve been hearing so many damn casting rumors for so many damn heroes in the second Man of Steel flick. If the stories are to be believed, DC, WB, Zack Snyder and all the rest plan on shooting Batman vs. Superman and Justice League back-to-back.

The info comes from Latino Review, a rumor site with a pretty good reliability record, though it is, as always, unconfirmed. They’re saying that B vs. S will end with a tease for the Justice League film and that people will only have to wait one year to experience the entire team in all their glory.

If true, this is a pretty strong move from Warner Bros. and DC. They’d be putting all their money on the fact that B vs. S is going to sell major tickets and that the profit will be enough to justify a quick turn-over. Of course, 2015 is looking crazy, so they’ll have plenty of competition, but summer of 2016 isn’t so bad. In fact, a Justice League flick during that year could really dominate the box office.

Again – still just rumor! Take it as you will.  Batman vs. Superman is still set to release July 15th, 2015.  As for Justice League – no idea.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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