DC Universe is knocking it out of the park again and again. Titans, Doom Patrol, and now Swamp Thing. DC Universe is stepping things up in quality, not afraid to take chances on comic-accurate costumes and lesser-known characters. Pushing things to a more adult-like direction, darker without taking itself too seriously or losing the “fun” that fans feel is synonymous with comic book characters. Now with Swamp Thing, they delve into the horror genre. Bringing in characters like Madame Xanadu and Blue Devil, Swamp Thing is following in the footsteps of Titans by showcasing characters that have never been seen live action. The newest trailer gives fans a glimpse into the world. But will it be another home run?

Something deadly is taking over Marais, Louisiana. The trailer refers to it as a disease and a poison. The swamp is seeming to grow from inside people. Slowly consuming their bodies and then reanimating them.

The CDC and Abby Arcane come to town to investigate. Dr. Alec Holland, whom the trailer doesn’t elaborate on, also shows up to look into illegal dumping in the swamp.

There’s definitely some shady folk doing all manner of things they aren’t supposed to be. With Abby and Alec poking around, they’re bound to end up in trouble.

The trailer does a wonderful job of setting up the suspense and horror tone of the show. It’s unique, unlike anything DC fans have seen since Constantine. Even that was reigned in compared to what Swamp Thing could be.

We see a partial scene with Madame Xanadu. This incarnation of her is blind; not the first time she’s been portrayed that way. You get a “voodoo” vibe from her, which wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for the setting.

We also get our first look at Blue Devil. Just a quick peek, but it’s enough to make fans of the oft-forgotten character squeal.

Swamp Thing himself looks like he climbed right out of the comic books. Even better than the 90s tv, which, for its time, was pretty damned good.

Will Patton joins Kevin Durand as Avery Sunderland and Jason Woodrue, clearly the series baddies. Kevin Durand is no stranger to comic book tv shows and movies. He’s a fan-favorite from many different genre titles and is sure to make an exciting villain.

Director and Writer for Aquaman, James Wan, is producing Swamp Thing. The cost of the show caused the episode count to be cut from 15 to 13. It’s unclear as to if the series will see a second season yet. That will largely hinge on the success of the show.

Matt Ryan who plays Constantine on the CW has expressed interest in appearing on the show as Constantine. Constantine and Swamp Thing have been in comics together for decades, developing a ‘frenemy’-like relationship.

The last episode of Doom Patrol has been released, continuing DCU’s original content with little to no gaps between. Swamp Thing premieres on DC Universe on Friday, May 31st.

DC fans have from the beginning on June to the end of August to soak up Swamp Thing before Stargirl begins.

Have you subscribed to DC Universe? Are you looking forward to Swamp Thing? Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!


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