Word is out that Capcom‘s Zombie Smashing video game franchise Dead Rising will be getting the live action movie treatment, but will not tread the usual route to theaters. In fact, they decided to skip theaters entirely.

Dead Rising will be the first film tackled by Legendary Digital Media and the plan is to stream the movie on Sony’s web-based streaming service Crackle. LDM is teaming up with Contradiction Films on the project with Tim Carter writing the script as well as producing along with Thomas Harlan and Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers).

You’ve probably seen some of Contradiction Films work right here at NerdBastards. They did the web series Mortal Combat: Legacy. There is no word on who might direct this latest video game adaptation. I wouldn’t expect any big name directors or actors for this project, but we might get a couple of familiar faces from Contradiction Film’s other projects. Once the movie has released on Sony Crackle the plan is to distribute the movie the usual route with DVD/Blueray, Video on Demand, and television.

Dead Rising does take the usual zombie video game concept which has always liberally used ideas from many zombie movies and other video games. One great thing about the games is the crazy ways one can craft weapons. I hope this is translated into the movie. Another  central plot point is that the Government is behind the virus that causes the outbreak in the first place. I would expect that to carry over into the movie as well.

Legendary Digital chief Tom Lesinski says:

Dead Rising has a built-in fan base and rich characters and plotlines that are ideal for digital storytelling and on target for Legendary’s brand.

Crackle and Content are adept at distributing cutting-edge digital content and we look forward to delivering a highly engaging and cool series for a global audience.

What do you think? Does Dead Rising have the fan base to make this a profitable movie without going through the usual theater path? The game’s franchise has sold over 6.5 million copies worldwide.

Via: Variety

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