Deadpool And Boba Fett Throw Down The Mic In Epic Rap Battle


With Christmas fast approaching and Star Wars just days away, you know Marvel’s Merc With A Mouth won’t let the Galaxy Far, Far Away get away trying to steal the Yuletide thunder. And Just like a hungry Sarlacc Pit, Deadpool slaps down a Chimichanga load of epic rhymes in the latest Epic Rap Battle Of History.

The boys of Epic Rap Battle Of History over on YouTube have taken a break from making videos to do a live tour, but to celebrate the season and to give a nice Christmas present to their loyal fans, have dropped their latest video, with two of pop cultures bloodiest icons go head to head on the rap floor to prove who is the deadliest assassin Disney has to offer. If you are new to Epic Rap Battles, first off, shame on you, you are missing two of the most talented lyricists on YouTube today, but I digress, the premise is a simple one, taking two characters from history or pop culture who could be vaguely related in their careers or notoriety with such battle as Justin Bieber Vs. Beethoven, Bill Nye Vs Sir Isaac Newton, and my personal favorite Genghis Khan Vs The Easter Bunny.

Epic Rap Battles consists of EpicLloyd and NicePeter and a rotating cast of guest stars and are currently on a cross country tour with new music and classic rap battles, all done in costume. Check out Deadpool Vs Boba Fett below and let us know you think won the beat down.

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