I just might have to break my no Hitchhikers rule if I saw this guy on the side of the road. Ryan Reynolds just tweeted the above image and I have to say that Deadpool will conquer SDCC 2015 this year. That’s right, Deadpool is knocking over the big two, Marvel isn’t really going to do a big Hall H presentation this year, DC will, but I still think Deadpool will generate more convention buzz. Here’s the tweet:

Ryan Reynolds gets Deadpool. Seriously, it seems like this is the superhero role he was born to play. DC tried to slip him into a green suit and it didn’t take, FOX finally listened to the rest of the world and put Reynolds back into the Deadpool role in the much better suit.

Deadpool will be making some waves in Hall H and in the other areas of the convention. Reynolds seems to be having the time of his life with this role and I can easily see him pulling some convention shenanigans.

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