He’s everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth and now he’s taken the first shot at conquering SDCC 2015 with his cover shot on Entertainment Weekly‘s Special SDCC 2015 edition. I predict that Deadpool will be breaking the fourth wall at SDCC this year and might just surprise a few Hollywood folks by knocking more than one upcoming superhero film right off their pedestals and onto their butts. Check out the full cover after the jump.deadp

That is one incredibly sweet suit. Every time I see it I get goosebumps in all my personal spaces. It is quite the coup to slip in and take this cover away from one of the two SDCC 2015 powerhouse movies Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice or Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Deadpool might just steal away all their thunder if Deadpool‘s director Tim Miller brings along the first trailer (gotta happen) and a clip or two. Throw in Deadpool showing up at the panel, either as Ryan Reynolds in costume and character, or better still Deadpool the character confronting Reynolds on stage. How fourth wall breaking would that be?

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