Yesterday marked the earlier than proposed release of Deadpool on digital download. Fans have been itching with anticipation to see the film again after its roaring success in theatres. The film captured the essence of Deadpool perfectlywith a mix of gratuitous violence and childish jokes And for those of you that didn’t enjoy Deadpool (the very few of you!) you’re in for a bit of a bumpy ride on the internet over the next few weeks, as Deadpool is released on Blu-Ray and DVD.  Now, you may think that you could unfollow all Deadpool fans on Twitter, unsubscribe from those pesky movie news feeds and avoid any instagram profiles that are a little bit obsessed with the Merc With The Mouth but you might still struggle to avoid him.

This week Deadpool managed to wangle his way onto the banners of a few famous films on the iTunes store. Deadpool’s marketing campaign has been an amazing mix of in your face “COME SEE MY MOVIE” and clever little commercials that make the audience yearn for more ‘Pool (The VHS and Betamax release was a slice of genius.) This campaign is a little mix of both… Wade can be seen sporting a super-soaker in Liam Neeson’s action packed Taken and his healing factor hasn’t quite kicked in quick enough after surviving for 127 Hours. All of the adverts can be seen below. The Batman, giant bomb combo is always a winner!

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As well as these brilliant advert invasions, there has also been a release of a Deadpool DVD/Blu-Ray extra feature on the development of Deadpool’s mask. That can be found via Youtube here.

Deadpool is (supposed to be) released on May 10th globally on DVD and Blu-Ray but knowing Ryan Reynolds and his marketing team, it could very well be released tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled for more Deadpearances all over the internet prior to the DVD release.

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