It seems that Deadpool marketing train can’t be stopped. This week, the crew behind one of the greatest ad campaigns ever are making sure you know who and what you are getting into when you step in line at the theater next week and IMAX has gotten its very own featurette. And if you can’t make your way to your nearest IMAX and still want in on the goodness, you can turn to HULU.

Director Tim Miller is no poser in the genre, talking about his $400 dollar a month comic book habit in the new IMAX short along with how Deadpool stacks up against other superheroes and how this type of movie is perfect for the large screen format. Check out the feature below.

And if, for some reason, you don’t know who Deadpool and his cohorts are, you can tune into your favorite HULU program. HULU will be airing Deadpool character bios during commercial breaks, that is, assuming you aren’t paying for the commercial free service. If that is the case, feel free to check them out below, and of course both the featurette and the bios are loaded with the typical Deadpool humor.

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