It’s happening, it’s finally happening! People have been patiently waiting since last April for more news as to whether or not Deadpool (who was created by Rob Liefeld) would ever get his own spin-off film. Well, it looks like our sick, 4th dimensional breaking prayers have been answered.

According to fellow nerds The Geek Files, Deadpool will begin production some time over the course of this new year. With Liefeld claiming he has (or hasn’t) seen test footage, this could be a sign that 20th Century Fox is finally ready to embrace a proper R-rated antihero. The fuckery they pulled with X-Men Origins: Wolverine may soon become just a bad dream, thanks to new director Tim Miller and the returning Ryan Reynolds, who will continue to play the title role of Wade Wilson/Deadpool.

Now the only question is when will this ballet of bullets and one-liners actually start filming?

The studio has promised that Deadpool will indeed begin filming sometime in the year, but when? They were less than willing to answer that question. Who really cares, though; we’re going to get a Deadpool movie, so don’t piss in Fox’s Corn Flakes.

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