A little earlier today, we reported that Ryan Reynolds loved your responses to the leaked Deadpool footage that hit the net a few weeks back.  Well, it looks like 20th Century Fox was listening (reading) and The Hollywood Reporter is, um, reporting that a Deadpool movie is officially in the works and on the slate.

20th Century Fox just sent out the following tweet:

Fans of the indestructible mercenary can expect to see Deadpool in theaters on February 12, 2016.  As of right now, Ryan Reynolds is expected to star, though he is not “officially” attached.  Official or not, there is really little doubt that Reynolds will be picked up for the role.  After all, it is thanks to him that the heart of the potential X-Men spinoff kept beating over the past 6 years, and he is perfect for the role.  Tim Miller will take on the directing duties and will do so as his first feature length film. Not a bad way to start off a resume, if it is done correctly.  As for the writer, we can only hope that Fox will use Rhett Reese’s completed script.  While we have no idea where that script will take us, Reese’s work on Zombieland is enough to convince many that he can handle a comedic action flick, and that’s just what Deadpool calls for.

For the unfamiliar, Wade Wilson (a tip of the hat to DC’s character Slade Wilson) was part of the Weapon X program, which bestowed powers of accelerated healing upon him to the point of indestructibility, creating the character we all know as Deadpool.  Unfortunately, the project also accelerated his cancer and tumors spread throughout his body like wildfire.  His super healing reacted accordingly, leaving his body and face completely covered with scar tissue.  Those who were hoping to get Reynolds’s handsome mug throughout the movie should brace themselves for a not-so-pretty Ryan, though he will likely be masked as Deadpool.  What those fans can expect, however, is plenty of that Reynolds wittiness that has kept audiences laughing for years now.


While I would love to think that our news piece earlier tipped the scales in Deadpool’s favor, the likely truth is that once the studio realized just how many people were calling for a Deadpool movie, it seemed like money in the bank.  Let’s all hope that we get the movie that Deadpool, hell, that FANS deserve.  Are you ready for the Deadpool movie or are you worried we will get another skewed rendition?


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