Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) wants all his fanboys to touch themselves for the best of reasons, their health. In conjunction with BallBoys, a UK-based Testicular Cancer Charity, Deadpool is promoting early testicular cancer detection by self-examination. You can check out Deadpool‘s video on the subject and get Deadpool‘s permission to touch yourself tonight.CZvA-9XWwAAFEj3.jpg large

Here’s the video:

On a serious note, this is an important thing for every 15 to 49-year-old male to do. Your health isn’t something you should take for granted, and the survival rate on early detection with testicular cancer is so much better than those with cancers found in the later stages and has metastasized to other areas of the patients body.

So go “be in your bunk” for all the right reasons tonight and get yourself checked out by yourself.

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