Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to announce that filming on Tim Miller‘s Deadpool has wrapped.That doesn’t mean it’s ready for the can though. There is a ton of work to be done in post production and hopefully Ryan and Miller will continue to keep fans in the loop.movie-paper

Reynolds has been very active on Social Media as the film went from leaked test footage to full-blown production often sharing his thoughts, costume and props, and his on-set antics with fans. What is really interesting is that aside from the big bridge scene, we haven’t seen a lot of the movie or Reynolds co-stars.

That means that Reynolds has kept fans engaged, entertained, and informed without giving away everything as many Studio executives and fans fear some productions do. However thin the tightrope of publicity during production is, Reynolds seems to have mastered walking that fine line and he’s done it in fine Deadpool fashion.

Here’s Reynolds describing the level of blood in Deadpool:

I can just see that line leaping right from the comic book page right out of Deadpool’s mouth, can’t you?

The best guess right now is that we’ll get a teaser or first trailer when Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four movie hits the big screen August 7th. Until then, we’ll have to make due with any tidbits that Reynolds and Miller throw our way.

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