There’s a new teaser out for the upcoming Netflix/Marvel Defenders series that brings the four heroes together. While it is short as teasers tend to be, there was a huge clue right in front of everyone in the top right corner. An IP address that leads to the archive pages of the New York Bulletin, that’s the paper that Karen Page from Daredevil ends up writing for. Check out the teaser and some of the extras from the hidden site below. Let’s start with the teaser:

That IP address in the top left corner leads to the New York Bulletin where you find these:

That is the location of that big hole from Daredevil, notice that little blurb about a lost city, perhaps one of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven from Iron Fist. Each of those cities appears on Earth periodically just like K’un-Lun. Could this lost city be one of the other cities: K’un-Zi, Peng Lai Island, Z’Gambo, Under City, Tiger Island and the Kingdom of Spiders?

Luke will have to get out somehow, hopefully he’ll have done his remaining time, but there could be a breakout.

Does this one mean that Daredevil is keeping a low profile? That house fire has got to be about Frank Castle.

Hmm, looks like the NYB does some Hollywood Celebrity press as well. There’s more on the site including the Colleen Wing Dojo site and videos and some stuff on the Meachums.

Defenders hits Netflix for your bingeing pleasure August 18th.

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