A couple days ago, I reported a story about TV producer Michael Green pitching a Supergirl television show. I was behind the idea all the way and once again complimented DC Entertainment on their great ideas for the small screen. Some developments have, um, developed since then because of time travel or something. The details are that this series isn’t exactly what some of us thought it would be, and it’s not even a thing yet. First off, Michael Green has nothing to do with it. Secondly, we might not even be talking about the same Supergirl we know and love. But somebody’s in charge. And it’s definitely a Supergirl of sorts. Even if it’s not called ‘Supergirl.’ Let me explain…

You gotta throw your hooks in the water while the fish are biting, guys. We’re eating up all this ‘Gotham,’ ‘Constantine,’ ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ goodness, so DC’s like “let’s make the nerds even fatter!” My geek levels are cranked already and I’m gonna need to build more storage units if this show comes to fruition. I know it’ll be safe because you clowns just raid my village for elixir and gold anyway.

With every new report, I feel like we’re getting just that much closer to an announcement for this series. Spearheading the project are Ali Adler and Greg Berlanti. Adler’s credits include ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Chuck.’ Oh, and she once dated Melissa Gilbert. Unlike Ali, Greg has actually done nerd work, having co-written the ‘Green Lantern’ movie (sigh) with the aforementioned Mr. Green, and is the EP for ‘Arrow.’Thanks, Wikipedia!

Nellie over at Deadline has more. More stuff that sounds like rumors, I mean. Word is, the producers are shooting for a different take on the character of Kara Zor El. So wait…


Is it just that she’ll have short hair??

short hair
Or will she be unnecessarily sexy??


OH MY GOD! She’s gonna be an actual girl, isn’t she?


Hey, maybe she’ll be black! The way things are being cast these days, I wouldn’t doubt it in the slightest. All of a sudden, I have zero confidence in this project. Maybe I won’t build that extra storage unit after all. But hey…this thing is so new right now that everything about it can be rearranged. Even the name of the show. Because from what I’ve read over at UPROXX, the show won’t even be called ‘Supergirl,’ much in the same way ‘Smallville’ was never called ‘Superboy.’ Cross your fingers – this could go either way.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I have a date with Helen Slater at Popeye’s!

Via – Deadline

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