Dexter – Book 4 and Season 4

The new book (number 4, but who’s counting) came out this week.  I have not read it, but the reviews look alright.  People were not pleased with the last installment, Dexter in the Dark, so this is a huge sigh of relief for hardcore fans.  Want it?  I’m kind enough to supply you with an Amazon link.

Don’t forget to watch the season 4 premiere Sunday, September 27th at 9:00 on Showtime.  And if you don’t have Showtime, buy it.  Dexter alone is worth it… but Weeds, Californication, and their other series are completely worth it.   And if you need to catch up, seasons 1-3 are not only out in stores, but are available on Showtime OnDemand.  Sweet.

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