Dexter Season 6 Teaser Trailer

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Are you ready for Dexter Season 6? While the rest of you might be hooting and hollering for another season of Americas favorite serial killer, I’m decidedly not. Don’t get me wrong, I got a man crush on Michael C. Hall. His character of Dexter Morgan is a manifestation of all my dark vigilante desires. I’m no serial killer (that’s what all the serial killers say), but I wish I could cause suffering to those who inflict pain and torment on innocent people. Sadly, I must rely on law enforcement and the justice system *rolls eyes*.

Anyway, I’ve been a loyal viewer since season one. Dexter is a likable anti-hero, his story lines are always nail biting. The rest of the cast and their dramas are equally engaging. So what’s the problem? The issue is the show has become a cliche of itself. It follows a formula and nothing ever changes. Each season has one ridiculous, high-profile serial killer after another. Each of which inadvertently teach Dexter something about himself. Each season Dexter’s secret is exposed to someone, either accidentally or intentionally and it never ends well. Deb either dates a killer or someone she cares about dies. Blah, blah, blah… Here, this video spoof hits every single common trend in Dexter.

I’m sure shit in season 6 will undoubtedly hit the fan, but I’m just hoping that the writers can gauge themselves and know when to stop. I feel they’ve run out of story.

For those interested, here’s a teaser trailer for season 6. All it does is pretty much recap the killers Dexter has faced over the years and ends with the sound of a girl in chains screaming “oh my god!”

“Dexter” stars Michael C. Hall as a complicated and conflicted blood-spatter expert for the Miami police department who moonlights as a serial killer.

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