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And now, we here at the NerdBastards bring you some news from the Dexter front.  There’s some good news and, depending on your point of view, some maybe good or maybe bad news.  The first concerns an early arrival for season 8.  The latter involves some execs at Showtime trying to milk the show further with the possible addition of a season 9.

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I’m sure everyone is glad to hear that season 8 will be coming earlier that anticipated.  This season is (supposed to be) the last and most of us are pretty eager to see how it’s going to turn out.  The air date for the season 8 premiere has been set for June 30th, which will help to make the summer a bit better since we’ll all be suffering from Doctor Who and Game of Thrones withdrawals by then.

As for the second bit of news, – the possibility of a ninth season – I’m more than skeptical.  One of the things that had me so excited to tune into season 7 was knowing that the writers were putting a wrap on the story.  The creative minds behind Dexter had repeatedly stated that they were going to end the show and that season 8 was the grand finale.  So why keep going?

Well, the answer lies in the identity of the voices that are hinting a continuation of the show.  Showtime Entertainment President David Nevin and Executive Producer Scott Buck are both making vague statements as to whether the show is really ending with season 8.  Read – President and Producer.  In other words, two folks that wouldn’t mind seeing their wallets get fatter regardless of how much it might screw up the integrity of the show.

There’s no word yet on how the actual important people behind the show feel about an extension.  The writers originally wanted to finish off the story with season 7 but were convinced by higher-ups that a two season finale would be better.  If they’re forced to compromise once again and extend the ending, nothing good is likely to come of it.

When Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and at least half of the writing staff step up and say they want to do it, and then maybe I’ll be convinced.  Until then, f*ck you Showtime execs for putting your nose where it doesn’t belong.  Let them tell the story they want to tell and stop trying to milk the franchise until it dies the slow death of mediocrity.

And now that I’ve finished ranting… how do the NerdReaders feel about it?  Is it worth dragging the story out just to get more Dexter fix?  Does it need to end now or can they put together something that amounts to more than Dexter vs. [bad guy of the week]?
Thanks to ScreenRant for the heads-up.

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