We haven’t heard much about the Masters Of The Universe reboot since Jon Chu (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) was reported to be on board to direct back in 2012. After that announcement the project went dark as far as any new details are concerned. At least until late last night. What happened? Well, as is usually the case these days, Twitter  happened.

DeVon Franklin, Columbia Pictures‘ Senior VP of Production answered die-hard He-Man fan Danny Miller‘s statement below with a picture and a smile. How do we know Miller is a die-hard He-Man fan? Just look at his Twitter profile picture.


Franklin’s answer might possibly be the first look at Masters of the Universe‘s Battle Cat.

I have to say that looks bad-ass. I’d love to see a good He-Man movie come out of this. The franchise has a lot of potential in the PG-13 zone of mild violence and little sexual content. Save that “R” barbarian stuff for King Conan. Just give He-Man fans a fun, action packed story with all the crazy characters updated and you could have a revitalized franchise that can sell toys.

What do you think of the picture? Do you want another movie in the He-Man franchise? As long as it isn’t something like the video below, I’ll check it out.

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