Winter cannot come any sooner. Fans of HBO‘s Game of Thrones will, sadly, have to wait until 2016 for their beloved show to return, but until then, people will continue to flood the internet with all kinds of theories and possible spoilers (whether true or not). In the latest rumor roundup, there is speculation that George R. R. Martin may have revealed a potential spoiler for season 6. Heed this as your only warning, because beyond these walls are potential spoilers.


Before we begin, I have to admit, I have not read the books. Therefore, the following assessment is purely based off of recently binge watching the entire series. According to the report, in a recent post via his blog, a fan asked Martin if Stannis Baratheon actually was alive or not. Martin replied:

In my books? Alive, beyond a doubt.


If true, that would make Brienne of Tarth the worst knight EVER. If you recall, there was that one time she had this job to keep watch for a lit candle. She failed at that. Before that, she swore an oath to protect Renly Baratheon, and she failed at that. Oh, and that other time she wanted to protect Catelyn Stark…FAILED. Note to self, if I ever have kids, never ask Brienne of Tarth to babysit for the night.

So, what does it matter if Stannis Baratheon is still alive? Well for starters, it means that his friends will never let him hear the end of his failed attempt to take Winterfell. It also means that the only “legitimate” claim to the throne is still alive. What about Gendry you ask? He doesn’t count since he’s a bastard child. He’d have to get a signed permission slip that would make him a Baratheon to make a claim just like how Ramsay Snow became Ramsay Bolton.

In the larger scheme of things, it wouldn’t really matter if Stannis was still alive and kicking. If you remember, he did burn his only child, and his wife killed herself due to guilt. Then there was that whole losing his army thing. After all of that, the only thing Stannis has left are the clothes on his back and a giant cut on his leg. He could always go find Melisandre and make more ghost babies, but that doesn’t help build a lineage.


In all likelihood, Stannis Baratheon is dead. When we last saw Stannis, he had just fought off two soldiers – both of which managed to greatly wound Stannis. In addition, right before Brienne showed up, he had already placed himself against a tree, presumably, to die. The only way you’re going to see Stannis alive next season is if he comes back as a snow zombie or if that crazy maester that’s friends with Cersei got a hold of him.

As a final note, take everything with a grain of salt. While things might sound or appear very certain, nothing ever is in the world of television.

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