According to comic book lore of Marvel, The Mandarin is: The arch-enemy of Tony Stark/Iron Man, endowed with a genius level intellect, and has the power of ten magical alien rings at his command. In next year’s Iron Man 3 the man behind that  famous villainous character is played by Sir Ben Kingsley, but The Mandarin may only be a pawn in the larger game board of world domination.

-Warning: The following contains a massive spoiler ahead of the release of Iron Man 3, skip this next part if you don’t want to be spoiled.-

In a recent interview with Showbiz 411′s Paula Schwartz, James Badge Dale recently spoke about his role in director Shane Black‘s upcoming Iron Man storyline. In the interview Dale, who plays Lieutenant Colonel Eric Savin and is the rumored Ultra-Tech cyborg Coldblood, dropped what could be a massive spoiler for the entire film. Here’s what James had to say about the power structure of the film’s villainous hierarchy:

“Ben Kingsley is the mouthpiece. Guy Pearce is the brain. I’m the muscle.”

“Ben Kingsley is the mouthpiece.” Shane Black is pulling a Batman Begins twist on us and we almost didn’t know it!

It would however, explain why Guy Pearce said his role in Iron Man 3 is merely “a cameo”, and it would tie into the comic in some way and address the issue of what Black calls “a racist caricature” of the Marvel villain.

Seeing as how -in the comics- The Mandarin infiltrates the U.S. government via his role as CEO of Prometheus (wink, wink), a corporation specializing in bio-engineered weaponry it’s seems likely that this is the route that the film is taking, with The Mandarin actually being in disguise until the last moments of the film. We do have to take everything with a grain of salt though as it’s just a comment and until we see some kind of footage to solidify the claim, but for now here’s what we all might see in 2013:

What do you think? Did Dale spoil everything to soon or is he leading us astray of what everyone currently has in mind for what Marvel has planned?

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