They’re rotten, disgusting and they’re stuck in a six-by-six cubical from nine-to-five, five days a week. Sounds like something out of a B grade horror movie starring Jeff Fahey, but it’s a real video.

When the people you’ve worked with turn into the living dead what is a lowly office worker to do?

Brains yummy, powerpoint presentation bad

Directed by Bill Stiteler and his floor of zombie officemates, this Jonathan Coulton music video even got the attention of Neil Gaiman. Like our friends at say, “if the video is good enough for Neil Gaiman, it’s good enough for you.”

After this video these zombies must be getting paid brains by the bucketful, not those scraps that George Romero pays his undead. A buck and a hat? Bitch please, these zombies are getting paid in spades for their work.

Via: Topless Robot

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