What isn’t there to love about Game of Thrones? Epic scale, a huge cast, beloved source material, amazing actors, glorious violence, and one other thing, hardcore nudity! The, um, relaxed standards of HBO are indeed a – ahem – beautiful thing, but Thrones actor Stephen Dillane says it’s par for the course, because you might come (ban pun) for the nudity, but you stay for one of the most compelling and lively series currently on TV.

In an new interview with the Huffington Post, British actor Dillane, who plays Stannis Baratheon on the show, says that while he might have aged out of the nudity clause, the fact of the matter is that Game of Thrones is about so much more than who’s taking off their clothes… It’s also about who’s getting horrible murdered! Just kidding, here’s what he actually had to say:

“I’m a bit old for it,” says the British BAFTA winner, who plays Stannis Baratheon, just one of the warriors determined to seize power in the medieval blockbuster, where no one is safe as seven rulers fight for command of the mythical Westeros – when they’re not drinking, wenching, belching and watching clothes fall off with abandon.

“It doesn’t particularly appeal to me, reminds me of German porn from the 1970s. But I presume it serves a purpose, and the merits of the show far outweigh my concerns on that score.”

But if the old adage “Sex sells” is apt for Thrones, then again, so is the series timely and persistent message about how power corrupts:

“I think it’s an accurate and truthful reflection of how power operates, in different societies, and the relatively small part love and affection play in things. It’s a dark view of the human condition that is quite refreshing to see on screen.”

On the other hand, maybe George R.R. Martin‘s just playing to our basis instincts, or to put it another way:

Tell us what you think Bastards, what do you watch Game of Thrones for: smart commentary on the dark nature of the human condition, or the naughty bits? Have your say below.

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