Perhaps to demonstrate how many after school cartoons have been dumbed down for mass consumption, Disney is now streaming the 13-episode first season of Gargoyles on its YouTube channel. The series, which aired during the mid-90s in syndication, was well-known for two things: it’s complex storytelling and for having an inordinate number of voice-over roles featuring Star Trek actors. The show has been available on DVD for a while, but if you’ve never watched it, or weren’t sure you wanted to invest in the discs, Disney seems to have given you no choice but to watch one of their best modern animated works.

So what made Gargoyles so highbrow? Well, it was down right Shakespearean, both in terms of its tragic scope and in the way it used characters from actual works of Shakespeare (both MacBeth and Puck were antagonists for example). The series also borrowed quite a bit from the lore of Medieval Scotland to develop what has to be one of the most literate cartoons ever made. Understandable given the fact that it was co-created by former English teacher, Greg Weisman.

Briefly, Gargoyles follows the adventures of a group of creatures who are stone by day, and powerful, winged warriors at night. When the gargoyles are betrayed, they’re put under a spell where they’re cast in stone for a thousand years until the castle they protected “rises above the clouds.” An industrialist named David Xanatos buys the castle and moves it to the top of his Manhattan skyscraper, awakening the gargoyles into the 20th century, 1,000 years from where they started from in Scotland.

But seriously fans, why are you still here? Go to the Disney YouTube channel now and watch the first season. If you’re not a fan (yet) feel free to watch the first part of “Awakening,” the premiere episode of Gargoyles, below:

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