Following in the wake of the widely popular new Muppet film, The Muppets, Disney is looking to further expand the franchise and bring the classic Muppet characters to new audiences.

A sequel to the movie was pretty much inevitable, and Disney has announced that they are already working on one.  They also plan to capitalize on Muppet fame by including them as a part of their new “Disney Fantasy” cruise ship experience.  Furthermore, a Saturday “teatime” series (that’s Brit-speak for afternoon talk-show) is already in the works, though that one will reportedly be using new Muppets and only bringing back the old favorites in cameos.

The newest rumors say that Disney may be going even further in their attempts to exploit these poor innocent puppets by returning them to television in their own show.  The original show ran from 1976 to 1981 and though it only lasted five years, reruns have been pretty much nonstop since.

Information on the new show comes via some double-speak out of the mouth of a BBC executive who has stated that Disney is currently looking into the matter.  Instead of just saying yes or no, said informer has said that they are “exploring all options” and looking for the “right opportunity” before committing to a Muppet Show reboot.  For those that don’t speak Executive, what that means it that they’re currently crunching the numbers and trying to figure out if it’s profitable enough.

They’ll need to get a dynamic cast of writers on board if they want to bring the Muppets back to television, or this could end up a huge disaster among fans worldwide.  A great many people grew up with the original show and iconic characters that Jim Henson created and even a chance to see them again could be undermined by poor writing and sloppy production.

The question is, how much faith do the fans have that Disney can pull this off?  What do you, the readers think?  Eager for a new show, or gritting your teeth with the anticipation of another failed reboot attempt?  Should the Muppets form a union so they stop getting exploited by Disney?

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EDITORS NOTE: Article written by NB contributor Jason McAnelly

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