With the recent success of the latest two Muppets films, interest in these classic characters has been embraced by a new generation. So why not take it a little further? There’s no doubt that we’re going to see several more movies coming our way in the future, but it looks like the folks at Disney may be taking it a little further. Muppets fans rejoice, for there may be a new Muppets television show looming on the horizon.

In a recent interview with Collider, co-writer of the last two Muppet movies, Nicholas Stoller, had a few words to say on the subject:

“I know they’re working on something to get them back on TV. I have no idea where it’s at, but I definitely think so. I mean, they’re such rich characters, and it’s very easy to pitch on stories for them, and think of ideas for them. They don’t feel used up…I think there’s a big opportunity for that kind of variety show. You could do it partially live. There are all these things you could do with Muppets that you can’t do with a lot of other things.”

Given the slump in the box office take between the first and second Muppet movies, Disney may be looking to move the property back to where it originated from. A television series format fits well, as has been seen in the past. And it’s been long enough since the first Muppet Show that they’ll have a new fan base that does not spend all their time lamenting the passing of the old guard. All-in-all, it would be a good move by Disney. Now we get to wait and see what they decide to do with it.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Would you sit down and watch a redeux of the Muppet Show? Who would you want to see as guest hosts for a new show?


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