Earlier this year Disney announced plans to do a complete remodel of their current fan-beloved attraction, Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror housed in the Hollywood Tower Hotel in the California Adventure Park. And what will replace the Tower? Disney has decided to cash in on what will be the first attraction based off one of their newly acquired Marvel Properties Guardians of the Galaxy. The previous lettering for the current attraction has already been taken down and construction is well under way as the attraction is now covered in scaffolding. The new structure design has been announced as “The Collector’s Fortress” with the attraction title of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout‘…well that’s a mouthful. Tower of Terror is set to take its final plunge later this year, not really a lot of time for Disney’s Imagineers to have the new attraction up and running by their projected date of summer 2017.

To give the fans a glimpse at what we can expect from the new Guardians attraction, Disney has released a brief video showing us the new attraction and its sleek new design. Check it out below!

Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Executive Joe Rohde describes the building as a “warehouse, fortress-like power plant” designed to be intimidating and imposing, but also shimmering and regal. He says it’s “surging with power, rising up into the sky and packed with all of his rare, irreplaceable collectibles from around the world.”

Knowing what we know about the Collector from the Guardians film, one can only hope we get a look at some of his film-based collection, perhaps a Cosmo the Spacedog or even a pissed off Howard the Duck? We can only hope.

The video shows us a live model of the attraction and it’s not too far off from the concept art we were shown previously. Take a look. Rhode has previously said about the project:

“The setting is a kind of fortress that’s owned by the mysterious Collector and it’s packed with creatures and his latest acquisitions from across the universe. Now he has imprisoned the Guardians of the Galaxy and they’re hanging in display cases over a giant abyss. The captor doesn’t know it but Rocket Raccoon has escaped and is enlisting our aid—all the guests—to help the Guardians in a breakout scheme. And the rest is comical chaos; a very funny, very irreverent story and a really wonderful addition to Disney California Adventure.”

The attraction will have a whole new array of audio and visual effects never before seen on free-fall ride. Another supremely awesome and new ride experience is that the ride will consist of specifically designed ride profiles in which the rise and fall of the gantry lift rocks to the beat of music inspired by the film’s popular soundtrack.

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