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It looks like Disney/Marvel’s Doctor Strange flick is making some more progress this week. They’ve finally settled down on a writer and the list of actors that may or may not play the titular role is shrinking. Scroll on to see what names are becoming important with regards to the newest Marvel hero to get his own solo flick.

First and foremost, Jon Spaihts is officially signed on to write the script for Doctor Strange. You may know him for his work as a co-writer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus film or… nope, that’s about all he’s done so far. He’ll be bringing his virgin scribe skills to the Marvel Universe and, gods be willing, shall create a story worth watching.

The other piece of news involves the short list of actors for the role of Doctor Strange. It seems as if Jared Leto has made the cut along with Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy. Of course, all three of these actors are quite busy, so there’s no telling whether they’ll even be able to consider the role, let alone sign on for however many films Disney/Marvel would like them to stick around for.

Stay tuned for even more random Doctor Strange news as fresh information becomes available.


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