Hot on the heels of Marvel‘s Doctor Strange wrapping principal shooting, Mark Gatiss, co-creator of Sherlock, and Mycroft Holmes in the series, announced that Sherlock Series 4 has begun shooting. Its been a long wait since Series 3 ended, even if we did get a “Don’t call it a Christmas Special” special The Abominable Bride last New Year’s Day. Check out the announcement video below.

Here’s the tweet:

Here’s the enlarged video:

We last saw Cumberbatch in full Doctor Strange garb at a local New York Comic book store, JHU Comics, where he popped in to pick up a few Doctor Strange issues. Here’s the blog post all about the visit.

What mysterious and cases will Series 4 bring? Who cares as long as we get some. Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman could sit in the parlor and read the phone book together and it would still be better than 95% of any other television show currently airing.

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