Steven Moffat and Frank Skinner recently sat down at an Ad Lib‘s live chat at the Edinburgh Fringe last night (Wednesday) and Skinner asked a question that many Doctor Who fans have been wondering about. How many times can the Doctor regenerate?


Moffat’s answer is certainly interesting, does this mean that Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor is the last Doctor? How would the show move forward after Capaldi’s run? Would it reboot in its entirety? I’m thinking that there are plenty of ways for Moffat, or the person who takes over Doctor Who‘s reins next, can skirt around the problem.

Perhaps when River gave the Doctor her regenerations it was all of them.

Remember when is was said that a Time Lord’s regeneration limit was 507? It happened when Russell Davis was in charge and said that the twelve limit was one imposed on a Time Lord by other Time Lords. Now that the Doctor is the last, who could impose the twelve limit on him? No one, so regenerate away Doctor.

There’s always the old “Doctor Who Alien that changes everything we knew about whatever the problem that needed solving” out that the show has used from time to time.

If this is a strict limit on the Doctor’s regeneration, where does that leave John Hurt’s Doctor? That one will take a bit of fast talking to fix. Moffat would like nothing better than to come up with something clever that sets the world of Doctor Who Fandom on its ear.

What’s your take on the whole thing?

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