We’ve got a little over a week before Doctor Who is back on TV and we can bask in the comforting glow and hum of the TARDIS. How are you spending your time until then? Watching your own Who marathon? Sifting through all available promo pics, teasers, and cast interviews for any clue as to what’s happening this season? Yeah, me too. Most of my friends think I’m suffering from some kind of condition. They’re probably right.

But whatever, they just don’t understand! Here’s what I found as I scoured the interwebz for any and all Who news, firstly being the awesome variant, Hastings exclusive cover to IDW‘s Doctor Who #1 seen above (click to embiggen). Get it? The Doctor is cosplaying as himself! Basically. There’s the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, the Fifth’s pants, the Seventh’s sweater vest, the Third’s frilly-cuffed shirt, and Ten’s coat. Amy can be seen wearing the outrageous coat of the Sixth Doctor and the vest and silky scarf thing of the Eighth. Rory’s got everything else. I wonder if we’ll see past Doctor’s outfits make appearances in the 50th?

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With that 50th anniversary looming off in the distance, current Doctor Matt Smith has been pretty open with what he’d like to see. Smith would love to have every available Doctor return – and don’t we all? – but how about companions? Who’s the companion Smith wants to see back in the TARDIS the most?

If I wanted a companion from the past I would say Rose because I am good friends with Billie [Piper].

All right, solid answer. I expect more than a few Whovians would argue against this since it hasn’t been that long since we saw Rose. Though, I’d be curious how life is going in that alternate dimension with her own sorta-Doctor. And that’d make it easy for David Tennant to reappear if he wasn’t actually playing The Doctor, just his clone.

And, it gives me an opportunity to post this incredibly sexy photo,

Which companion would most like to see return for the 50th?

The Weeping Angels are definitely the most popular new monster of the reboot. They first appeared in “Blink,” an episode I often use to lure unsuspecting friends into the cult of Who because it’s thrilling, terrifying, and in no way bogged down by any  overarching storyline in Doctor Who. But have you every wonder where the idea came from? Here, Steven Moffat explains how he thought up the Weeping Angels and new producer, Caro Skinner is allowed to occasionally chime in,

A life long fear of shop dummies? Really? Then that’s why we haven’t seen the Autons or the Nestene Consciousness since Moffat took over the show.

And lastly, is there someone close to you who’s never seen an episode of Doctor Who? Do they not understand the terms TARDIS, sonic screwdriver, or “Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Whimey”? Then it’s up to you to reach out and share the joy of Who. BBC America is running a Twitter campaign to promote the return of Doctor Who and hopefully convert some still uninitiated, potential Whovians. Here is Nerdist, Chris Hardwick to explain the #newtoWHO campaign,

When were you #newtoWHO? I seem to remember the Fourth Doctor story, “Ark in Space” being my first brush with The Doctor. I remember the alien monster in that episode was a man wrapped in bubble wrap. Sure it was campy as all hell, but I couldn’t help but marvel at their ingenuity. Especially when you consider bubble wrap wasn’t a common material at the time and audiences wouldn’t have been familiar with the packing product we today love to pop. But I’m still thankful the current incarnation of Doctor Who has a budget that allows them more than bubble wrap. Though I don’t believe much more.

Share your #newtoWHO story on Twitter with this handy link, and be prepared for Doctor Who to return September 1st, 9pm ET on BBC America.

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