Steven Moffat, the true master of all things Who, has made some annoucements sure to bring joy and much grief to Whovians all over. Let’s start with the bad, Moffat has confirmed the next season of Doctor Who won’t air until next fall. Yes, let this sad, sad news sink in. You won’t be watching any new Who until almost a year from now. Makes this Christmas special all the more special, doesn’t it?

The good news making this upsetting news a little more palatable? They are indeed planning something spectacular for the 50th anniversary of this sensational sci-fi series. Honestly, I’d be flabbergasted if they did nothing to honor such a momentous occasion.

Here’s what Moffat had to say,

And yes, you got me. We needed a little more time to prepare for everything we’ve got planned. That, above all, is why we needed this little gap. Just be a tiny bit patient, and trust me, we’ll make it up to you. For full and comprehensive details of the spectacle to come, consult your fondest memories in a couple of years time.

If only I had a TARDIS, then I could jump forward in time, watch the 50th anniversary special, come back and tell you all how amazing it was. Or maybe I’d be a bastard about it and just rub it in your face that I’ve seen it and you haven’t. Who knows which way my whims would take me?

Also, I’ve jumped ahead in time and have already seen the Christmas special. It’s marvelous. Here are a few images I snagged while traveling in the world to be.

Nah. Just kidding. If I had access to a TARDIS would I really be blabbing about it here. Shit, would I even still be here writing this!?!

In related news, Matt Smith is now single.

I’ll wait for you all to stop screaming like a bunch of Time Lord-obsessed tweens.

Smith and his model girlfriend, Daisy Lowe, have broken off their 18-month relationship due to work commitments. Smith was filming a movie, Bert and Dickie, over the summer, Lowe was off in L.A. for a Playboy cover shoot, but right after that Smith had to go to Wales to film the Doctor Who Christmas special. Seems they just couldn’t find the time to be together.

Man, if the Doctor can’t keep his Playboy cover model of a girlfriend what hope do any of us have!?

But on the bright side, Matt Smith is single.

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