With the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War so close, we are all dying to get any hint of a clue as to the plot we’re all on hyper-alert for anything that remotely feels like a firm detail. And in the latest TV spot, there is a split-second flash of Iron Man and Star-Lord looking quite tense.

The folks at Screen Rant think that it might be a fight between Iron Man and Star-Lord (battle for best facial hair? As though either could beat out Thor or Bearded Cap), but is it? Maybe! Or maybe not. Based on Marvel’s past superhero ego bashes like Captain America vs. Iron Man or even Hulk vs. Thor, it’s not a bad guess.

But what if that’s not the case? If we take a real close look at that frame it looks like you could make a case that Star-Lord is looking around Iron Man not at him. Is it possible that Iron Man is holding Star-Lord back from something far worse? Something like a death? Oh God, is it Gamora!? I mean he does really care about her. What about Groot or Rocket or maybe he formed a quick attachment to Thor? Anything is possible and this movie seems to have everyone on edge expecting the worst when it comes to which character (or characters!) will die. Whether it’s rage, grief, or just two egotistical maniacs fighting, the two weeks we have to wait before it hits theaters is just not fair. Don’t like any of the guesses above? Watch the clip and toss out some of your own.

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